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Warszawskie Zeszyty Ukrainoznawcze, the Warsaw University yearly devoted to Ukrainian studies, have been published since 1989 roku, when the first volume celebrating the millennial anniversary of the babtism of Rus' appeared. This volume marked the beginning of systematic studies on Ukrainian literature, language, Church, religion, sacral culture, national identity as well as political, philosophical and social thought. Texts published in Zeszyty have also analysed the history of Polish-Ukrainian relationship, the role of main figures of Ukrainian history, its major institutions and most significant events and Polish-Ukrainian cultural borderland.

Starting from Volume 1, Stefan Kozak has been the Editor-in-Chief of Zeszyty. The editorial board also includes other scholars affiliated with the Chair of Ukrainian Studies at the Warsaw University

Each volume, of which more than twenty have appeared so far, is focused on a different topic. To date, more than 160 authors have contributed over 650 articles.

Zeszyty play an important role in integrating Ukrainian Studies in Poland and in inspiring international collaboration of scholars, particularly between Poland and Ukraine. The latter includes such important domains as research on common cultural heritage, the rocky roads of our joint history and the problems of the present day.

Texts in Zeszyty appear in Polish and Ukrainian. English summaries are available.

On Warszawskich Zeszytach Ukrainoznawczych (in Polish)
Władysław A. Serczyk, Rola "Warszawskich Zeszytów Ukrainoznawczych" w badaniu stosunków polsko-ukraińskich.
Teresa Chyczewska-Hennel, Kultura i historia w kształtowaniu się świadomości narodowej Ukraińców w publikacjach WZU.
Hanna Dylągowa, Problematyka religijna i kościelna w "Warszawskich Zeszytach Ukrainoznawczych".
Marian Jurkowski, Tematyka sakralna w "Warszawskich Zeszytach Ukrainoznawczych".
Bazyli Nazaruk, Problematyka pogranicza polsko-ukraińskiego na łamach "Warszawskich Zeszytów Ukrainoznawczych"
Stanisław Dubisz, Problematyka językoznawcza w "Warszawskich Zeszytach Ukrainoznawczych"